Self-Description</br><span style="font-size:20px;">自述</span>

十年學習,十年探索。 藝術不應只是滿足市場運作下的一種產物,它倒也不是有多艱澀難懂,無非是反映生活歷練及自我價值罷了。既豐富且深刻,唯有感受生活,才能從中創造,急不得的。 我在探索中漸漸找到自我價值。 紮實的學院訓練只是造就我的創作過中必備的工具而已,感受生活的點滴,再將之創造新作才將是我生命中永遠要面對的課題。

Art should not be produced by means of gratifying, amipulated markets. Only if truly to feel amd yp tast life could one create real art. Ifeel I have graually found mmy self-value with keeping exploring art persistantly. My solid academic training simply serves as the essential tool for my process. However, to be inspired by the perception that life brings to me and then create works, is actually what to be dealt with for a litime for me.